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Tune in for conversations on website accessibility and craft beverages with the team from Equalize Digital, and audio recordings from the WordPress Accessibility Meetup. Episodes released every Monday.

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Conversations with Amber, Chris, and Steve about accessibility and craft beverages.

Meetup Recordings

Audio recordings from guest speakers at WordPress Accessibility Meetup.

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061: Accessibility Ask Me Anything with Equalize Digital and Digital A11y

This episode is a recording of a March 2024 WordPress Accessibility Meetup where we held an open question-and-answer session on a wide variety of web accessibility topics. We discussed building accessible websites, accessibility testing, selling accessibility to clients or internal stakeholders, and more.

060: How AI Helps Accessibility, Poppi Strawberry Lemon

In this episode, we discuss the positive, and potentially negative, ways that AI and accessibility can intersect, from facial recognition and voice assistance to GitHub Copilot and the emerging concept of AI-generated user interfaces.

059: Trends to Avoid in 2024 with Danielle Zarcaro

This episode is a recording of a February 2024 WordPress Accessibility Meetup. In it, Danielle Zarcaro, founder of Overnight Website and Kinetic Iris, reviews current website trends we should avoid for accessibility and other reasons.

057: Do More with Less ARIA with Michaela Lederman

This episode is a recording of a February 2024 WordPress Accessibility Meetup where Michaela Lederman, Senior Accessibility & QA Lead at Aten Design Group, explores the intricacies of Web Accessibility Initiative – Accessible Rich Internet Applications (ARIA), a critical tool for enhancing the web experience for users with disabilities.

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Accessibility Craft is hosted Amber Hinds, Chris Hinds, and Steve Jones, the owners of Equalize Digital, a Certified B Corporation specializing in WordPress Accessibility and makers of the Accessibility Checker plugin