Listen to Accessibility Craft podcast episodes.

071: GAAD 2024 WordPress Accessibility Showcase

This episode is a recording of a special event we held in honor of Global Accessibility Awareness Day, where representatives from WP Accessibility, Gravity Forms, Elementor, CivicPress, My Calendar, Popup Maker, and Equalize Digital shared information about their WordPress products, and went in-depth into how each team is working towards improving and maintaining accessibility.

070: See you at WordCamp EU!, Community Beer Co. Strawberry Shortcake

In this episode, we share how to find and engage with us at WordCamp EU 2024, the importance of including new voices as we build accessibility awareness globally, and what we’re most looking forward to experiencing in Italy. Equalize Digital is a small business sponsor for WordCamp EU 2024.

069: Quick Accessibility Audits with Gen Herres

This episode is a recording of a May 2024 WordPress Accessibility Meetup where Gen Herres, Owner at Anphira, shares how “quick audits” can help website owners get a high-level understanding of their overall accessibility without investing in a comprehensive audit upfront.

065: Demystifying EU Accessibility Laws with Anna Malmberg & Susi Pallero

This episode is a recording of an April 2024 WordPress Accessibility Meetup where Anna and Susi from Funka, the organization that founded the International Association of Accessibility Professionals, or IAAP, help us better understand European accessibility laws and how to approach compliance while creating inclusive and enjoyable digital experiences.

061: Accessibility Ask Me Anything with Equalize Digital and Digital A11y

This episode is a recording of a March 2024 WordPress Accessibility Meetup where we held an open question-and-answer session on a wide variety of web accessibility topics. We discussed building accessible websites, accessibility testing, selling accessibility to clients or internal stakeholders, and more.

060: How AI Helps Accessibility, Poppi Strawberry Lemon

In this episode, we discuss the positive, and potentially negative, ways that AI and accessibility can intersect, from facial recognition and voice assistance to GitHub Copilot and the emerging concept of AI-generated user interfaces.

059: Trends to Avoid in 2024 with Danielle Zarcaro

This episode is a recording of a February 2024 WordPress Accessibility Meetup. In it, Danielle Zarcaro, founder of Overnight Website and Kinetic Iris, reviews current website trends we should avoid for accessibility and other reasons.

057: Do More with Less ARIA with Michaela Lederman

This episode is a recording of a February 2024 WordPress Accessibility Meetup where Michaela Lederman, Senior Accessibility & QA Lead at Aten Design Group, explores the intricacies of Web Accessibility Initiative – Accessible Rich Internet Applications (ARIA), a critical tool for enhancing the web experience for users with disabilities.

056: What’s New in WCAG 2.2, Ramune Japanese Soda

In this episode, we review the changes introduced with Web Content Accessibility Guidelines version 2.2 in detail, and talk about key areas where organizations will need to implement changes in order to adapt to the new standards.