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049: Going Beyond WCAG Compliance with Andrew Mallis and Mike McCaffrey

This episode is a recording of a December 2023 WordPress Accessibility Meetup where the CEO and Senior Architect at Kalamuna Agency share tools and tactics that can help organizations of any size become more digitally inclusive, and to start thinking beyond just WCAG compliance.

048: $2 Million Settlement Against Web Developer for Failing to Deliver Accessible Website, Surely Sparkling Rose

In this episode, we discuss the recent $2 million court settlement between Bryan Bashin, a leader in the blindness community and blind camping enthusiast; and Conduent State and Local Solutions, the developer who built California’s Parks and Recreation Department website, which, according to court documents, failed to meet even the most basic accessibility standards. 

047: Component Pattern Libraries for Accessible WordPress with Reed Piernock

This episode is a recording of a November 2023 WordPress Accessibility Meetup where Reed Piernock of Georgetown University demonstrates how pattern library systems work, how themes and blocks can be built using shared components, and how accessibility testing is an integral part of their process.